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Hero Charcoal Portable Grilling System


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The HERO Grill is a best-in-class, portable charcoal grill that was designed to make charcoal grilling simple, clean and portable. HERO allows you to grill anywhere you go. It’s compact, lightweight (under 10 lbs) and doesn’t require messy charcoal bags or lighter fluid. Plus, the HERO Grill is dishwasher friendly and will not rust. Each HERO charcoal pod is vacuum sealed, making it waterproof and convenient to storing in your boat, RV or at your camp site. To extinguish, simply pour a bottle of water over the grill and dispose or compost the pod. The HERO Grill System includes the grill, one charcoal pod, bamboo spatula, bamboo cutting board, a silicone-wrapped meat thermometer and our rugged, waterproof carry case

Features:Lighweight, Designed with portability in mind, the HERO Grill only weighs 10 lbs.;Compact, collapses to fit easily into any car, truck, boat or simply your pantry.;Simple, all you need is a lighter and 20 minutes. Plus, it’s the worlds first grill that goes in your dishwasher.;Authentic, uses all-natural charcoal pods, not gas, which are better for you and the environment.

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